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We the GetCheapEssay.com, are grounded on strong core values of integrity and honesty. We are committed in providing the necessary information for you on our site. We pride in meeting your specifications and deadlines provided to us. However, it is important that you understand what is and not our liability. In this disclaimer, we seek to enlighten you about our responsibility as well as your responsibility as you make use of our services and products.

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We the GetCheapEssay.com are committed in making the services available to you all the time. However, it is important to know that the information may be unavailable at any one time without prior information to you. Kindly note that our organization and our staff members will not be held responsible for any adverse effects resulting from the sudden absence due to any technical issues.

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It is our mission to provide reliable and academically grounded information on our website. We provide the information that you can use as a foundation for your farther research. We wish to bring to your attention that we will not be responsible for any personal decisions that you make after interacting with the information. We suppose that you as our customer are responsible of the consequences of your actions as you make use of our contents.

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We the GetCheapEssay.com takes this chance to make you our customer aware that the information provided in our website is not legally bidding. This means that we are do not have legal responsibility towards costs arising from the actions you take after using the information on our site or the contracts you make. No staff members can be held responsible in a court of law or any other legal institution.

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At GetCheapEssay.com we provide essays and other related materials for the purposes of aiding you to carry out farther research. They are models to guide you through you academic assignments. However, you should not put your name submitting it as your own piece of work. Remember that we regard them as our products thus when used proper citing of our site need to be done.  Please take note that it is illegal to plagiarize our materials or make unethical use of information obtained from our site.


When you get essay writing services from us, there is possibility of getting a refund before approving the delivered essay. Once you have pressed the approval button, you cannot claim for any refunds as it will not be possible. We advise our customers to check through the work carefully before approving it to avoid inconveniencies.

Kindly note that GetCheapEssay.com will not be responsible whatsoever for injuries, court issues, damage and costs resulting from use of the information obtained from our site.