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How prepared are the writers to handle my assignment?

When you submit an order for a paper to be written, a professional writer is assigned with the duty of handling your order. These are writers who have sound academic background being holders of bachelor’s degree, masters or PHDs. These awards ascertain that they are well prepared possessing the relevant research and writing skills. At the same time they have a good command of English language both spoken and written. In addition they go through testing before hiring them as they have to pass well the test essay. We also check on their professionalism and work ethics that has to be in line with the core values of our organization. However, as they work with us they are constantly evaluated on their performance based on each assignment they successfully complete.

When I make an order will my expectations be met?

Our goal in writing is to meet the expectations of our customers while upholding the academic standards. Our company is unique as we have well structured control system for good quality. Before wiring the finished work to you it has to be passed through some software and checked by a team of professional quality assurance personnel. They check the work to be sent to you against the instructions and guidelines you have provided. Once you place an order with us, the details of the work you want done is taken and used as a guideline for the writer to follow. In addition, constant communication between you and the writer assigned to write your paper is maintained throughout the assignment to facilitate clarifications if need be. This ensures that the work provided to you meets your expectations and academically varied. Our writers are dedicated in working for you.

What personal information do you require and am I guaranteed of privacy?

In order to offer best services to you, we require personal information from you. This includes your official name, age, gender, physical address, phone number, email address and live chat id. This information helps in efficient registration for an account and effective communication during the time of assignment. In addition, we need to have your credit card number for easy payment processing for the ordered work. However, we are fully aware of the sensitivity of the personal details entrusted to us hence are held with ultimate privacy. They are only shared with the relevant personnel within the company but are never shared with the third party outside the company.

Can I use the paper for academic awards?

All the papers provided are our products. Thus you cannot present it under your name for academic awards as your piece of work. This is because we hold the copyright of all the work provided from our company. Nevertheless, you can use the papers as a foundation for more research or as a model for you to generate your own piece of work. You are permitted to quote phrases or statements from the work provided but you must give a proper citation of our website.

Can I have the delivered piece of work revised with no cost?

The answer to this question is twofold as it is yes and no. this is because there are conditions that can warrant a free of charge or a paid review. If you submit your request for review before approving the work delivered or within seven days after the approval then you may get a free of charge review. The cost free revision decision is reached after ascertaining that the instructions you provided initially are not divergent from the ones in the review request. On the other hand, you can have a paid review in case you submit your request of having the work revised after approving the delivered paper and after the window period of seven days. Similarly, if you change the initial instructions the review will be subject to pay as the structure and contents are likely to change.

How can I ascertain that my work is not plagiarized?

At GetCheapEssay.com, we pride in original work. Thus, we have in place effective software to check on plagiarism. At the same time our writers are guided by academic writing ethics that does not give room for plagiarism. In the same way, we do not make a copy of the work delivered to you what so ever. Your work is also safeguarded from access by any other web visitor either on our site or elsewhere. This guarantees that your work will remain original always.

How is the payment process for the work and when does it begin?

The payment process begins as soon as you place your order with us. You can access our application forms free of charge from GetCheapEssay.com fill in the necessary details and submit it online. Once this is done, you receive a notification to make your payment before we start working on your paper. We have a safe online payment system to safeguard your credit card from being scammed. However, you can make a request to pay in installments which is allowed in case of bulk orders.

How do I receive the finished paper and when?

At GetCheapEssay.com we make a provision for you to specify the deadline on which you should receive the completed papers. When the work is done we wire the finished work to through the email address provided to us. The time you receive the work is either on the deadline date or before the designated time. To provide the security of your work such that it is not accessed by another person in case of shared email address, you need to log in using a password known only to you.

Can I get a refund if I get low grades after submitting the work for academic rewards?

It is illegal for you to submit the work provided by us to an academic supervisor as we hold the copyright to it. Due to this fact we do not expect you to use the paper for academic awards thus we cannot provide any refunds for the work done. The paper remains the product of GetCheapEssay.com.