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Privacy Policy

We at GetCheapEssay.com care about the privacy all the users of the materials provided. Thus, our privacy policy is modeled to protect you. In order to use the information on our site, we require some personal details from you that help us to serve you better. With this policy we seek to make you aware of how this vital information is handled and the conditions at which it can be shared. We believe that personal information is vital and delicate and respect your right to know how we manage it. However, this policy is frequently revised to answer to the security needs of the time.

What Information We Get From the Users

When you express desire to use the information on our site, it is important for us to have data that identifies you. To start with you need to register with us hence we collect your official name, physical address, email address, phone number, age and gender. In addition, we get your credit card number to facilitate the transactions. At the same time we get the basic information on the operating system you make use of. This includes the kind of browser and the internet source. How you make use of the materials from our site, the pages that you regularly access and the amount of time you spend on our web is important to us pages.

Why We Need This Information

At GetCheapEssay.com, we make use of the above information to enhance the quality of services to you. The details on your personal identity help us to communicate efficiently with you especially when we need to answer some of your question. Also it helps us to process your ordered essays avoiding possible delays. The information on your operating system assists us on monitoring the web traffic and to make it easy for you to browse through the web pages on our site.

When Do We Share Information?

We do acknowledge that some of this information is sensitive especially that which identifies you. Nevertheless, we need to share some of it in order to serve you better. For instance, the information can be shared with our associate companies for promotional purposes. At the same time, it is made accessible to our technical team for effective site maintenance. Similarly, the information is made available to the third party for efficient web management and data hosting services. The reviews and comments you post on the public forum about your experience on our site are shared with other users and web visitors. This helps us to respect and share with others your views about the quality of our services and products.

How We Safeguard Personal Details

We at GetCheapEssay.com ensure that the information you have entrusted to us is secure. We make use of security software to protect your data such as the top notch firewall and encryption technology. Also we have SSL software to safeguard your information making sure that your account is not accessible to other web visitors. This also protects your credit card details.

Security for Minors

A minor is any persons below the age of 18years. At GetCheapEssay.com we do not assign accounts to minors for security reasons. Thus, we require parental or guardian consent for a minor to access our products.


Our privacy policy is subject to changes which are valid only when they are posted on our site. In case of changes we make all the users aware. This helps us to serve you better.