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Terms and Conditions

We the GetCheapEssay.com, we seek to make clear the terms and conditions involved in using our writing services and the products received from us. This is with the aim of assisting you in the process of application, during the assignment and how to handle the completed work to avoid possible inconveniencies. The information contained in this page is to help you in making an informed decision in ordering our services. Our agreement terms are friendly and easy to adhere to without any hustle or bustle. Here are different aspects of the terms and conditions in our company.

The agreement in the Ordering Process

The ordering process from our company is simple, swift and reliable. This is because we make application forms available free of charge on our site. They are written in simple language which is easy to understand. Before submitting the form it is advisable to ensure that the personal information you provide is correct. The vital details in this case are the phone numbers, the email address and the credit card number. In case this information is wrong, this will definitely lead ineffective communication during the assignment or even wrong posting of the completed assignment. When any of these happens our company does not assume any responsibility in terms of refunds or replacement of the lost items. As you make payments using your credit card, we have in place security mechanisms to prevent online fraud. However, ensure that you get the correct details of our payment system as the money paid elsewhere will not be varied for the processing of the order.

Instructions on the Paper to be Written

We at GetCheapEssay.com value and esteem our customers’ instructions as they guide the writers into meeting your expectations. Thus, it is important that you review the instructions you are about to submit to us in order to make the necessary corrections if need be. Once the work is completed ad approved by you, it becomes impossible to benefit from a free of charge rewriting of the paper unless you make a reorder at a fee. This is because our customers are responsible for the consequences emanating from wrong information. However, you can modify the instructions at the initial stages of the work hence important to maintain constant communication with the writer.

Copyright Privileges

When you place an order for an essay or any other academic paper, the copyright exclusively belongs to GetCheapEssay.com. We seek to bring to your attention that every paper provided by our writer remains the product of our company hence it cannot be submitted for any academic awards or to accomplish any given assignment in the university or college. In this case you cannot write your name on the paper presenting it as your work. On our side, we have a responsibility of submitting original work to you and respecting this fact even after delivering the completed paper to you. In this case we do not publish or edit the same work to provide it to another person neither do we make it accessible to other web visitors.

Source of Information

At GetCheapEssay.com, the writers commit themselves to detailed research on the topics they are to write on. This is intended to enable them to provide authentic information in the type of writing they are engaged in. however, you can suggest the sources and even provide the materials or links to the sources. In this case you need to provide the information way before the deadline date. We do not allow submission of any resources to be used when the work is on its final touches or completed as it violates the agreements. This regulation is aimed at making the writing process smooth and for the writer to be able to meet your deadline.

Terms of Delivery

We at GetCheapEssay.com believe in timely delivery of the ordered papers. We basically make an attachment and email it to you where you can download the document. To facilitate a smooth wiring of the completed work to you we require your varied email address. At the same time, we require that you accept our email address to avoid it being marked as spam. If the email address in not correct your work is likely to be wired to unknown destinations or marked as spam hence not receiving it. In this case our company will not held responsible of the consequences emanating from the above or any other causes beyond our control.

Documents to be Submitted

When you place an order with us, there are some documents that we need to obtain from you. This includes a copy of the identity card or the passport issued by your local government. At the same time we need to have a copy of your varied credit card that you will use for payments. For the students we accept a copy of the students’ identity card for the local students or a foreign students’ identity card. These are documents that legally identify you. However, your privacy is our priority in the whole process.  

Revision and Refund Terms

The revision of completed work can be made with or without pay. This depends on the circumstances surrounding the request for revision. If you submit your request before approving the received paper or shortly after the revision can be done free of charge provided no major alterations are requested from your side. On the other hand if the request does not fall under this category then you will have to pay a fee depending on the amount of work needed to make the revision. Similarly, refunds can be granted or not. If you withdraw the order due to varied reasons you can ask for partial or full refund. If you do son soon after placing the order before the writer begins the research then you can have a full refund. However, it is at discretion of GetCheapEssay.com to decide whether to refund and how much or not.

Termination of the Relationship

Once you place an order with us, it marks the beginning of a working relationship. Nevertheless this engagement can be terminated from either side depending on different situations. Termination of an order normally occurs upon successful completion of the assignment, delivery and finally approved by you. In this case, there are no issues to be handled at all. On the other hand GetCheapEssay.com can terminate the order when the customer is neither responsive nor cooperative especially if this is interfering with the progress of the work. When this happens, we cannot guarantee any refunds.

Legal Terms

GetCheapEssay.com wishes to notify you as our customers that the endeavors of the company are solely governed by the laws of the land on which this company is established. Consequently, in case of law suits for which ever reasons, the process will take place in the courts within the locality of our company headquarters. However, if there is need for a different venue of court proceedings, GetCheapEssay.com holds the right to decide about it.

These terms and conditions are aimed at making our services delivery better.