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Revision Policy

Our mission at GetCheapEssay.com is to provide good quality essays. The writers are guided by the instructions provided by the customers. Thus, when you place an order to us, the piece of work provided to you befits your specifications in terms of key points captured, context and the structure. However, cases may arise such that you might require the work revised. To facilitate this we have revision policy in place that protects your rights as our customer and at the same time takes care of our organization. The terms of revision can be viewed in two perspectives as it may e done for free or at an affordable fee. In any case your interests as our customer are considered. Here are the conditions for revision of a given piece of work.

Free of Charge Revision

At GetCheapEssay.com we offer free of charge revision. However, the circumstances surrounding your request determine where you qualify for a charge free revision of your work or not. We offer free of charge revision under the following circumstances:

Missed Guidelines

When you give instructions on how you need the paper written, it is recorded and stored carefully. Nevertheless, errors may occur leading to overlooking of some of the guidelines hence the work does not satisfy your expectation. In this case the revision will be free of charge so long as the guidelines you need followed are the same as the ones you gave in the beginning.

Submission of the Request

Before you place an order you are required to open an account with us. In this case you can directly request for revision using the revision tab on your account. In order to have a free of charge revision you need to make these changes before approving your order or within seven days after the approval. You do not have to worry as we provide possibilities for you to go through your paper in preview mode before approving it hence you can see if you need it revised way before approving it. However, the terms and conditions apply for you to get a cost free revision.

Revision at a Fee

In order to guarantee meeting the specifications of our customers, we have a provision for revision at a fee. This entails having a rewrite of your paper to fully suit with the way you want it to appear. To arrive to this we normally carry out a thorough evaluation of your request. We charge revision of the work in the following conditions:

Change of Instructions

We revise the completed work at a fee should you decide to change the instructions submitted initially. This means that the structure of the work will have to change and possibly the contents. In this case we charge affordable fee depending on the extent of the changes to be done.

Submission Beyond Seven Days

We allow free of charge revision if the request is made before the approval of the work or within seven days after approval. This means that any submission beyond the seven days after approval will be subject to charges. Kindly note that e all terms and conditions apply during the revision.